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Every Person Has a Role in Creating Healthy Communities:
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Health is a result of our behaviors, our individual genetic predisposition to disease, the environment and the community in which we live, the clinical care we receive and the policies and practices of our health care and prevention systems. Each of us, individually, as a community, and as a society, strives to optimize these health determinants, so that all of us can have a long, disease-free and robust life regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status.
This report looks at the four groups of health determinants that can be affected:

1 .Behaviors include the everyday activities we do that affect our personal health. It includes habits and practices we develop as individuals and families that have an effect on our personal health and on our utilization of health resources. These behaviors are modifiable with effort by the individual supported by community, policy and clinical interventions.

2. Community and environment reflects the reality that the daily conditions in which we live our lives have a great effect on achieving optimal individual health.

3. Public and health policies are indicative of the availability of resources to encourage and maintain health and the extent that public and health programs reach into the general population.

4. Clinical care reflects the quality, appropriateness and cost of the care we receive at doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals.

All health determinants are intertwined and must work together to be optimally effective. For example, an initiative that addresses tobacco cessation requires not only efforts on the part of the individual but also support from the community in the form of public and health policies that promote non-smoking and the availability of effective counseling and care at clinics. Similarly sound prenatal care requires individual effort, access to and availability of prenatal care coupled with high quality health care services. Addressing obesity, which is a health epidemic now facing this country, requires coordination among almost all sectors of the economy including food producers, distributors, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, exercise facilities, parks, urban and transportation design, building design, educational institutions, community organizations, social groups, health care delivery and insurance to complement and augment individual actions. Each person individually, and in their capacity as an employee, employer, voter, community volunteer, health official or elected official, can contribute to the advancement of the healthiness of their state. Proven, effective and innovative actions can improve the health of people in every state whether the state is first or 50th. To get more health data and facts on Kentucky go to United Health Foundation and Kaiser State Health Facts.


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