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How can parents get involved in school meals programs? Getting involved in school meals programs is easy.
Start with these easy steps:
Review cafeteria menus with your child and be encouraging about trying new menu items.
Try new foods – especially fruits and vegetables – at home and your child may be more willing to try these foods at school.
Visit the school cafeteria to make your own observations and have lunch. Check with the principal first to make sure that is allowed! Introduce yourself to the school nutrition staff at your child’s school. They can answer questions or concerns about everything from product offerings to meal preparation methods to waiting time in line. Get more facts on how to get involved with school meals programs at Tray Talk.

Improving Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
Improving the health of our children by providing nutritious meals in schools is a top priority for the Obama Administration. USDA announced a proposed rule, based on the latest science, to make critical improvements to the nutritional quality of school meals. This proposed rule would increase the availability of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat fluid milk in school meals; and reduce the
levels of sodium and saturated fat in meals. Implementation of this proposed rule would result in more nutritious school meals and help improve the nutrition and health of children across the country. Read more…

Kentucky Farm to School Program
Farm to School in Kentucky is like a puzzle. Having many exciting and interesting shapes to it, putting all the pieces together will create a beautiful picture. As like with any puzzle it is ever changing and growing with each piece that is laid into place. School Gardens, FFA chapters and other partnerships such as Kentucky Action for Healthy Kids, PACS NOW all play a major roll in moving the program forward.
There are many successes that Kentucky has already achieved. There are now 74 schools systems to earn the Kentucky Proud seal. School cafeterias, which fall into the same category as restaurants may be reimbursed up to $12,000.00 a year for purchases of Kentucky Proud products under the Restaurant Rewards program through the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Pilot projects with local orchards and meat producers have proven very successful. Participation has increased when local foods are served and especially when the children grow the food themselves. Read more…

Fresh from the Farm: Using Local Foods in Afterschool and Summer Nutrition Programs
Alexis Bylander and Crystal FitzSimons
Tue, Jan 8th, 2008
Food is an important part of any quality afterschool or summer program. It helps attract children to the program and ensures that they have the energy to fully participate in all of the educational and enrichment activities. The nutrition quality and appeal of the meals and snacks is crucial. One creative strategy to improve quality and appeal is to make local produce part of the meals and snacks, and Farm to School programs are one key strategy to do that. This guide outlines strategies and approaches for accessing local products such as working with an organization that is already using local produce, collaborating with the area food service director or operating the Farm to School program independently.


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