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The County Health Rankings show us that where we live matters to our health. The health of a community depends on many different factors – ranging from individual health behaviors, education and jobs, to quality of health care, to the environment. Improving community health requires people from multiple fields to work collaboratively on an ongoing cycle of activities. Communities come in many different sizes, shapes and colors. They vary widely in their assets and needs, in the priorities they select to address, and the policies and programs they implement to improve the health of local populations. As a result, community health improvement efforts also vary. In the midst of all this variety is one constant: people working together. One of the first steps in local health improvement is to take stock of your community’s needs and resources. You will want to take a close look to understand what helps, as well as what hinders progress toward improving your community’s health. Finding programs and policies that work in real life will maximize your chances of success. Not every well-intentioned program or policy is effective. Taking the time to search out evidence of programs and policies that work to improve particular problems or issues will be time well spent. To get more data on your County’s health rankings go to RWJF County Health Rankings.and Kentucky Health Facts. Or, download a Pdf Health Report.

Whitley County is located within the Cumberland Plateau of southeastern Kentucky, which is greatly overlapped by the broad Eastern Coal Field region of the state. The namesake of the county, Colonel William Whitley, is famous locally for fighting in many of the skirmishes between native Indians and hunters and trappers prior to its establishment as an independent county. Because of its location in the midst of Cumberland Mountains, elevations in the county range from 723 to 2220 feet above sea level. 38,000 acres of western Whitley County are preserved within the Daniel Boone National Forest. Cumberland Falls, located in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, is the site of the largest waterfall in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Both Daniel Boone Forest and Cumberland Falls State Park are operated by the Kentucky State Parks system, also located in the county. Two regionally significant waterways meander through the county, namely the Laurel and Cumberland rivers.The county seat is Williamsburg. Read more…

Whitley County Health Facts:
According to the results of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation “County Health Rankings”, Whitley County ranks as one of the unhealthiest Counties in Kentucky. Out of 120 Counties in Kentucky, Whitley County ranks 100th in overall Health. An estimated 62% of the County residents live in rural areas. Approximately 70% of adults are overweight or obese, 32% of adults are obese, 13% of adults are diabetic and 34% of adults smoke or use tobacco products. Although diet and exercise are key determinants of weight, environmental factors beyond the control of individuals contribute to increased obesity rates by reducing the likelihood of healthy eating and active living behaviors. Proven statistics show individuals with lower levels of income and educations are at a higher risk of being overweight and obese. As of March 2011, 11.8% of Whitley County residents were un-employed. As a direct result of the un-employment rate, 36% of children live in poverty. See more data….

There are almost two million farms in the USA. About 80% of those are small farms, and a large percentage are family owned. More and more of these farmers are now selling their products directly to the public. They do this via CSA programs, Farmers’ Markets, Food Coops, u-picks, farm stands, and other direct marketing channels. Would you like to support your local farmer? Read more…

Whitley County Organic Farms:
Musick Mountain Farm
1782 Jellico Creek Rd.
Williamsburg, KY 40769
Contact Information:
Janice Musick
(606) 549-1627

Whitley County – “Kentucky Proud Producers
Cumberland Valley Gardens
2095 KY 3041
Corbin (Whitley) , KY 40702
Double Hart Farm
6550 Cumberland Falls Rd
Corbin (Whitley) , KY 40701
Phone: (606) 523-0465
Farmers Market Peach Corner (Roadside Market)
1829 So Main St
Corbin (Whitley) , KY 40701
Phone: (606) 528-2400
J & J Farms
300 Henry Barton Road
Corbin (Whitley) , KY 40701
Phone: (606) 344-1843
The Lynch Farm
3634 Hwy 511
Corbin (Whitley) , KY 40701
Phone: (606) 526-9641
3 Hive Apiaries Inc.
208 Gorden St.
Corbin (Whitley) , Ky 40701
Phone: (606) 528-5001

Kentucky Cooperative Extension is the educational resource for all Kentuckians that serves as a catalyst to build better communities and improve quality of life.
Whitley County Farmers’ Market Information:
May 28 thru October 29
Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Whitley County Extension Office, 4275 North Highway 25W, Williamsburg
Contact: Phil Meeks
Phone: 606-549-1430 or 606-344-0027
E-mail: phil.meeks@uky.edu


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